Ministry for Children and Social Affairs

The Ministry for Children and Social Affairs is responsible for the social, child care, and family law areas. This includes responsibility for the municipal measures regarding people with social vulnerabilities and/or disabilities; responsibility for the child care area; and responsibility for divorce, adoption, and child custody matters.

The Ministry for Children and Social Affairs supports that measures directed at the country's citizens are grounded in documented effect analyses. Accordingly, the ministry applies a strong data-driven approach in its policy processing, not least regarding the annual distribution of funds for social and health measures (the so-called Satspulje negotiations). Analytical results are published regularly through relevant channels, including the Social Policy Report (Socialpolitisk Redegørelse), which reviews measures, results, and target groups in the social area and performs an annual follow-up on the government’s social objectives. In addition, a comprehensive strategy for redevelopment and quality assurance of the data collection in the social field has been initiated.

Below you will find an organisation chart for the Ministry for Children and Social Affairs.