Early Childhood Education and Care

The Policy Area

Denmark has a strong tradition for early childhood education and care. Most Danish children under school age attend a day care facility.

Early childhood education and care is an important part of Danish family life. The purpose of day care is to promote a good environment for children’s well-being, development and learning and to give parents flexibility in their work and family life.

Denmark has guaranteed day care availability which implies that the local council must offer places in an age-appropriate day care facility to all children older than 26 weeks and until they reach school age.

The day care facilities are regulated under The Act on Day Care Facilities (introduced in 2007). The local self-government in Denmark means that the 98 municipalities handle many tasks locally. The local council of the individual municipality is responsible for setting the local service level, setting local goals, supervising ECEC etc.

The Ministry is, among other things, responsible for providing the Minister and the Danish Parliament with the best possible basis for developing an effective policy regarding early childhood education and care. This includes preparation of legislation and policy development within the field.