Marginalized Adults

The Policy Area

Socially marginalized adults include persons beyond 18 years of age with social problems or in danger of developing social problems. This includes for example homelessness, alcohol or drug abuse, mental illness, prostitution and violence in intimate relations, which lead to a need for support according to the Act on Social Services. The support may be personal and practical help in one’s own home, temporary accommodation at shelters or other temporary accommodation facilities, treatment for drug abuse, an effort to create and maintain contact etc.

The people in the target group are often affected not by one single social problem but by a number of them.

The municipalities are responsible for both preventive measures as for example counselling and for providing support when needed.

The Ministry collaborates with the National Board of Social Services to provide the Minister and the Danish Parliament with the best possible basis for developing an effective policy regarding marginalized adults. The policies must assist the municipalities’ efforts to create real progress for the individual citizens.