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Lille billede: Socialt udsatte børn og unge

Disadvantaged Children and Young People

The objective is to strengthen the personal resources of disadvantaged children, young people and their families, with the goal of providing them with the same opportunities for development as their contemporaries.

Lille billede: Udsatte voksne

Marginalized Adults

The policy area includes socially marginalized people affected by for example homelessness, alcohol or drug abuse, mental illness, prostitution or violence in intimate relations. People who experience these problems are entitled to support according to the Act on Social Services.

Lille billede: Handicap

People with Disabilities

The policy area concerns children and adults with physical or mental disabilities who are entitled to support according to the Act on Social Services. The support must among other things consider the needs following reduced functional capacity.

Lille billede: Frivillig social indsats

Voluntary Social Work

The policy area concerns volunteering - among citizens, organizations and in municipalities collaborating with the voluntary sector. The aim of policy in this area is among other things to support an active and engaged civil society.

Lille billede: Familier

Family Law

The policy area concerns marriage and divorce, paternity and co-maternity, custody, names, adoption and also international child abduction.

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International Affairs

The Ministry participates in activities in a number of international organizations including the EU, the Council of Europe, the UN and the Nordic Council of Ministers.